About Us

My children , Sarah, Andrea and Matteo were the ones who came up with the name “ The three musketeers “ for our kennel because there are three of them and we have three Hovawarts. The strange thing is that we had intended to have four Hovawarts but something always happened and we ended up with three.
I have loved all animals and in particular dogs, since I was a little girl. Other animals would come and go in our house but dogs have always been a constant feature. I have always been fascinated by the breeding process in animals , so much so that we bred all our animals, however pregnant dogs are something else. It’s amazing to see the way they stick to your side during gestation and how they make you understand they want you right there next to them when they give birth…and then to see those little fur balls grow is just fantastic.
In 1993 I brought home two adorable female beagle puppies , the breeder I bought them from provided me with a sire and over the years they gave me over 50 puppies. I also had a mutt[I have 2 now] and a German Shepherd. As the Shepherd got older I started looking around for a guard dog who could take its place without being the usual Shepherd, Rottweiler or Doberman….and that’s how one day I came across a magnificent example of a blond Hovawart and immediately fell in love.

I started researching the breed and went to see one face to face and if it’s difficult to find hem today how much more so back in 2000. We had decided to get a blonde bitch but it proved to be impossible at that time so when we heard of a beautiful black bitch available we rushed to get her. And so it was that in May 2001 we brought home our first Hovawart, Sheeva. We decided to take showing seriously and we started to show Sheeva with excellent results as
Sheeva became social champion HCI and Italian champion in the blink of an eye.
We were so enthusiastic about this that we decided to breed Hovawarts and in August 2002 we finally brought home a blonde female, Raja.
On 22/08/2003 Sheeva had her first litter of 9 puppies with Ramses, a magnificent blond sire. We kept Athena, a gorgeous black bitch from this litter so we had three Hovawarts and decided register our kennel name as soon as we could get started.
Unfortunately in October 2004 a tragic accident snatched our Raja away from us. We really couldn’t face the pain of replacing her with another blonde bitch as the memories would have been too hard on us so we decided to change sex and colour. And so at Christmas 2004 we brought home Zar, a black and tan male with German blood lines.

So there were 3 Hovawarts again and in the mean time, to be precise on 18/11/2004, heeva had her second litter,which, seeing the excellent results of the first litter, were again sired by Rameses and this time gave us 5 splendid puppies.

Time passed and the desire to get another blonde female started to grow again, so much so that at the beginning of January 2006 Winona dell’Abete Bianca, Winny, a small ,sweet, beautiful, blonde tornado arrived in our home. However once she reached adulthood Sheeva and Athena never accepted her and after constant disagreements between the dogs in Spring 2007 and with a heavy heart we took her back to Abete Bianca, where she still lives. The Hovawarts were back to 3.

Sheeva’s third litter arrived 28/01/2006,this time sired by our Zar but due to a difficult birth only one pup survived. 12/06/206 Athena had her first litter sired by Zar and this time she gave us 8 beautiful pups.We mated Zar and Sheeva again and on 13/10/2006 sheeva gave birth again. This time the long labour ended in a C-section and 8 of the 11 pups died. We were in pieces and with aheavy heart we decided to sterilize Sheeva due to her uterine problems.

This is a brief history of our kennel, now for the future….Athena is pregnant by multi champion Brisco Vom Atten Schorn and at Easter we have our sixth litter!
4 beautiful pups are born, one female and 3 males. In June 2009 Dea, Fajola vom Dieknoor, a black and tan female arrived in our kennel straight from Hamburg, Germany.She gave us our G litter of 6 puppies divided into 3 colours and H litter of 8, 7 were females and one of which we decided to keep, Hawaii, black and tan with 4 puppies in all 3 colours.
So by May 2014 we have had 9 Hovie litters and each one has given us joy and love. Going back to the summer of 2012 my desire to add a smaller sized dog to the Hovawarts flourished and I decided on the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.
I fell in love with their photos online [as with the Hovawarts] and researched their character, health issues and kennels. There are not many PBGV kennels in Italy and not finding what I wanted I widened my reach area and this finally brought me to Sweden , where I found my sweet Peggy!Peggy Piggelin came from Vantans Kennel owned by Inge Hansen who enjoys nearly 30 years of experience with PBGVs.
So in January 2013 I traveled to cold Sweden to collect my new puppy. What an enormous surge of joy I felt when I came out of the airport and saw Peggy and Inge waiting for me. Peggy was excellent sitting next to me on the flight back to Italy and I understood immediately that we would become best friends. I fell in love with the look of the PBGVs, I’d only read about the character but a year after Peggy arrived I can only say that the character is wonderful, a small big dog and I hope a good foundation bitch for our PBGV kennel.