Litter H

Dea (Fajola vom Diekmoor) X Raja (Cliff dei Guardiani della Foresta Nera)


10/04/13 8 puppies are born!

Cucciolata H Dea  (Fajola vom Diekmoor) x
Rajá (Cliff dei Guardiani della Foresta Nera)

6 females black/ tan
1 female blond
1 male black/ tan



5 weeks


8 weeks



Hollywood (Argo) lives in Cognola 8TN) with Fronza family
Holland lives near Verona with Anna Martinelli
Hanoi (Grinta) lives near Vicenza with Nadia vecchina and her family
Hope (Hoshi) lives in Tivoli with Placidi family
Haity (Kailas)lives in Bedano (Italian Swittzerland) with Borzone family
Honolulu (Brooke) lives in Garbagna Novarese (NO) with Simona Pasquino and her family
Havana lives in Ligornetto (Italian Switzerlannd) with Trevisan family
Hawaii (Diva) lives with us!
 DSC00721 Honolulu (Brooke) 13 months



2 years and 4 months old

IMG-20151013-WA0020-1-1 20150523_154328 IMG-20150805-WA0014-1